contact-bannerShould you hire a tax accountant, or should you do your taxes by yourself? It is a question that plagues people for a variety of different reasons. For starters, you may simply not like the idea of some stranger knowing everything about your financial history for the last year or so. Alternatively, the thought of sifting through legal jargon in the IRS tax code may send shivers up your spine. Just in case, you thought it might be a smart idea to look online in search of a savvy Miami tax preparer. You never know when a local tax professional will come in handy. If you are still on the fence, then here are a few tips that might help you to make an informed decision.

Do You Want to Spend the Time Doing Your Taxes

The first thing to consider, while searching online for accounting services in Miami, is the time involved in preparing your taxes. For a simple return, time may not be much of an issue. For a more complicated return, the prep time could extend into numerous laborious hours. A tax filing that involves a change in marital status, recently purchased property, gifts, investments and other oddities will inevitably cause a person to question if they want to go it alone. You still have to gather documents and arrange receipts to get your tax preparer everything they need in order to take the burden off your hands; consequently, if you are not a strongly detailed oriented person, then it is probably best to let someone else prepare your taxes in such a case.

You Started a Business

If you started up a business this year, chances are you are a little intimidated and confused about how to file your business taxes. This is perfectly understandable. The IRS code is not intended to be clear. In fact, in many cases the tax code is artfully vague and rather easy to interpret incorrectly. Just to make sure you get everything right, it never hurts to have a tax accountant look things over with a fresh pair of eyes. You will only want to file business taxes yourself if you truly understand the IRS code inside and out. Otherwise, it is best to allow someone who specializes in business taxes to make sure you are doing things correctly.


Although it can be difficult to decide whether you should do your own taxes or hire an accountant, it is generally best to err on the side of caution. A tax professional is not there to simply prepare your taxes. They are also there to be your advocate in situations where you need someone with experience to help you handle the IRS. You never know when an audit is coming, but an experienced tax accountant should be able to help you iron things out as painlessly as possible.