Many Americans retire each year. With the number of dwindling and secure pensions, have you saved enough for retirement? The days of the 30 or 40-year pensions are all but gone, leaving people to rely on Social Security and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). For those relying to Social Security alone, you may want to see exactly how much you will make per month after retirement age.

Was the amount more, or less, than you thought it would be? For a large percentage of Americans, the amount may not be as much as you thought. The only way to ensure your comfort in retirement is to save now. Below are three strategies to catch up on your retirement savings.

“Spend less and save more” is sage advice you may as well have received from your grandfather. Easier send than done is perhaps the most common response. The trick to spending less is to discover where all of you money goes each month. Once you have an accurate synopsis of where your money goes, only then can you start saving it. For example, if your dining-out budget is $200 each month, cut it back to $100 and save the remainder. That $100 you save this month on fast food might be worth $500 when you go to retire. Honestly, did you really need that McSandwich anyway?

If you have not done so already, start an IRA (traditional or Roth) account with a reputable provider. If you already have an IRA, divert as much earnings as you can each year. If it helps, set up a direct deposit to go directly to your IRA each payday. Doing so will not give you a chance to ‘miss’ the money you are sending off. Maximizing your contributions will have you sitting pretty at retirement age.

Lastly, start budgeting for your retirement now. Come up with an estimate on how much you will need each month, where you want to live, do you plan on moving out of state, and other similar questions. Doing so will leave you better advantaged on how aggressive you will need to be with you savings.

Saving money and budgeting is difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Consider consulting with an accounting service in the Miami area. An accountant can help you set up an IRA, prepare taxes, and give sound financial advice. Let’s face it, we all wish to maximize our saving potential so we can retire in comfort and, perhaps more importantly, style; an accountant will get you there.