Payroll is an ongoing process required for any company with employees. The process typically involves determining each employee’s pay, calculating payroll taxes, keeping records and ensuring timely payment for employees. The payroll process also requires company to make regular payments to the IRS and state taxing authorities. Most companies complete payroll each week, although some may pay employees more or less frequently.

Because payroll can be so overwhelming and tedious, businesses often choose to hire a payroll services company such as ours to help with this time-consuming process. Here at Choice Accounting Solutions, we are an expert payroll services provider. When you partner with us, we will take care of all of your payroll requirements for you, allowing you more time to focus on running your business. Enlisting our company to provide payroll services also protects your business from accidental errors, late payments and trouble with the IRS.

Our business payroll services include:

  • Wage calculation based on provided timesheets
  • Calculation of payroll taxes
  • Filing and payment of payroll taxes to the state and federal government
  • Support and guidance in the event of a discrepancy

Completing payroll in-house requires a significant amount of time and resources, and you never know when you may make an error that can cost your company a great deal of money. Let Choice Accounting Solutions take care of the payroll process for you. Contact us today to learn more about our payroll services, as well as the other financial services we provide to businesses like yours.