Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.31.21 PMIf your finances are in the red, it’s imperative that you put every spare dollar towards paying your bills. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your spirit of giving. There are many things you can do to help the less fortunate even if you are in a financial struggle yourself.

Volunteer Your Time

If you cannot get a second job or pick up extra hours at your current one, consider doing some volunteer work. Since the volunteer agency can then move a paid employee to other tasks, you are essentially saving them that employee’s hourly wage. While you cannot write off the time itself, you may be able to write off the mileage and any other expenses related to the volunteer work. Meet with a Miami tax preparer to ensure that this write-off is done properly.

Donate Nonperishable Food

Take a look in your pantry; there are probably a few nonperishable food items in there that you will never get around to eating. After making sure that they are not expired, give them to a local food bank. It may not seem like much, but they provide important nourishment for families in need.

Give Blood

Donated blood saves lives every day, and you can contribute to the supply without spending a dime! Check the local newspaper for blood drives in your area. Giving blood only takes a few minutes, and you’re helping others in a very direct way.

Turn In Your Old Glasses

Your old glasses may be useless to you, but don’t throw them away yet. Many charities collect used glasses to distribute to needy individuals who have similar prescriptions. You’ll make a big difference by helping a child see the whiteboard at school or helping an adult maintain the good vision that their job requires!

Clean Out Your Closet

Items of old clothing usually can’t be sold for any worthwhile amount. Fortunately, charity organizations will be glad to take them off your hands and give them to the less fortunate. This is especially helpful in the wintertime when many poor people have to go without warm clothing.

If you’re in debt and you’re worried that charitable acts are impossible for the foreseeable future, consider one of these options. You might even save some money by having one of the accounting services in Miami write off your charity-related expenses. Use these methods to give others a helping hand while conserving your money for your own debts.